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Welcome to the Website!  The latest information on our leagues, teams and players is all right here.  News and event information will be updated frequently, so come back often.

2015-16 GFHoops Registration is OPEN!

Registration is now OPEN.  To register to play, coach, ref or volunteer - please click on one of the links below!

If you have registered but would like to review or change your "Cannot Practice Times", please click the link below:

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Select Tryouts

Tryouts for Great Falls Select Basketball (GFSB) teams will take place over the next two weeks.  Below are the boys and girls schedules for all age groups. This tryout schedule will also be posted to the website (  We understand there may be conflicts with fall sports.  We recommend that your son/daughter makes every possible effort to attend one or both of the first two tryouts.  We have specifically required each coach to hold at least one weekend tryout to provide further flexibility.

CRES = Colvin Run Elementary School
GFES = Great Falls Elementary School
Cooper = Cooper Middle School

Kerrigan Girls 4th Grade
9/30 CRES 7-9 pm
10/3 CRES 10 am
10/7 GFES 7-9 pm
Ambrose Girls 5th Grade
10/2 CRES 5-7 pm
10/3 CRES 2-4 pm
10/5 CRES 7-9 pm
Shumadine Girls 6th Grade
9/29  CRES 5-7 pm
10/1 CRES 5-7 pm
10/3 GFES 10:30-12 pm
Tutton Girls 7th Grade
Tryout #1: 3 Oct (weekend) / 12:30 - 2:30PM / GFES
Tryout #2: 6 Oct (weekday) / 5 - 7 / GFES
Tryout #3: 8 Oct (weekday) / 7 - 9 / GFES

Bond Girls 8th Grade
10/3  CRES 4-6 pm
10/5 Cooper 7-9 pm
Hartke Boys 4th Grade 
Wednesday, October 14 from 7-8:30pm at Buzz Aldrin Elementary.
Saturday, October 17 from 8:30-10am at Great Falls Elementary.
Your son will need to attend at least one session to be considered for the team.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out for Coach Hartke at
Urbanski/Carton Boys 5th Grade
9/28 CRES 5-7 pm
10/3 CRES noon-2 pm
10/5. CRES 5-7 pm
Brennan Boys 6th Grade
10/2 CRES 7-9 pm
10/4 CRES 11-1 pm
10/8 Buzz Aldrin 7-9 pm
O'Grady Boys 7th Grade
9/28 CRES 7-9 pm
10/4 CRES 4-6 pm
10/7 CRES 7-9 pm
Vaughan Boys 8th Grade
10/3 CRES 8-10 am
10/6 CRES 5-7 pm
10/8 Buzz Aldrin 5-7 pm

Hendrix Boys 8th Grade B Team
10/13 CRES 7-9 pm
10/14 Great Falls Elementary 7-9 pm

Other Notes About the Tryout Process -- Please click here to view the Parents Guide to Select Tryouts

Coaches may not permit parents to stay in the gym during tryouts. Coaches have no discretion to interpret or selectively apply this rule – no parents in the gym during tryouts, no exceptions. Parents should drop their players at the gym at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start, then return to the gym no earlier than the scheduled finish. No fair returning to the gym twenty minutes before the tryout ends – the coach would be required to ask you to leave. We trust that parents understand the reasons for this rule and understand that we need to enforce it without exception.

Note: this rule applies equally to parents who may expect to be an assistant coach if their son or daughter makes the team. Prospective assistant coaches can attend tryouts only if they do not have a son or daughter participating.  Players need to attend at least one tryout in order to be selected. Most team will run three tryouts before making final player selections. It’s best for most players to go to every scheduled tryout if at all possible in order to provide the best chance of making the team. Failing that, plan to go to at least two of the first three tryouts. It’s theoretically possible to make a team on the basis of one tryout session, but it puts a great deal of pressure on the player to excel on that evening, especially if the only tryout they attend is the third tryout (by then, many players will already have been cut). We have made exceptions to this rule in the past in order to accommodate players who have tried out with another program during the GFSB tryout process, but those situations are rare.

We understand there will be tryout schedule conflicts with other sports and activities, but good coaches in any fall sport understand that Select basketball tryouts are in early October every year – it’s not a surprise - and should not begrudge players missing a practice or two if necessary.
Coaches may need to make cuts after every tryout. Some age groups will start the tryout process with more than 30 players and will need to start the third tryout with no more than 15 players (probably fewer) still in the mix. So, depending on the size of the age group, coaches may need to make some cuts after each tryout. We ask coaches to send e-mails after each tryout; some of those messages will invite players to continue the tryout process and some will send regrets to players who will not move forward.

Note: we do not ask or require coaches to provide individual player evaluations as part of the cut process, or to explain to players or parents why a player was not selected. At this level of the game, if a player gets cut it usually means he or she just needs to practice more, play more and work on fundamentals with a qualified coach or trainer. We do ask coaches to consider providing feedback to parents if a player’s attitude and behavior at tryouts were negative factors in the selection process. If you do ask coaches for feedback and they are willing to provide it, understand that candid and accurate assessments are usually a mix of positive and not-so-positive feedback.  We encourage coaches to use their two zip code exceptions.
Per the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League’s rules, each team can select two players from outside the program’s recruiting area (for the GFSB program, that means players from outside Great Falls and portions of Vienna, Reston, and Herndon). We expect coaches to recruit and roster the best players available and we do not reserve those two spots on the roster for Great Falls residents.

We may form B teams in some age groups.

By the end of the first or second tryout we will have a sense of whether each age group has enough talented players to form a second team. In that case we may select an A team by the end of the second or third tryout, so that a third or fourth tryout can focus on selecting a B team

John Brennan
Great Falls Basketball

GF Hoops and Dick's Sporting Goods

The GFHoops Board is pleased to announce their 2015-2016 season partnership with Dicks Sporting Goods!  Dicks is providing the GFHoops community with coupons that can be used throughout the season. You can help by using the GFHoops Dick's coupons, the more we use them the greater the benefits to the league, so SHOP AWAY!

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November 7th is GF Hoops Day at Dick's! 

Bring the flyer below to the Dulles Dick's and get 20% off!

Download the Flyer with Savings here!

Help our Shots for Shots friends get back to school!

As all of our students are going back-to-school this month, the children in Jacmel Haiti are also heading back to school and they are in need of backpacks. 

These are the same students that the GF Hoops Community helped last season with our “Shots for Shots” contest.  Through the donations raised with Shots for Shots, we were able to help vaccinate the students of the Jacmel community, and help initiate a dental hygiene campaign.  In a country where the average family has to live on $2 per day, our GF Hoops family as able to make a huge, helpful, and healthful impact!

Most of the children in Jacmel have to walk a mile or more in order to get to school AND they have to cross a river!  The few texts that the students have are paperbacks and a backpack is the only way they can preserve their few belongings. 

If you would like to help get backpacks to these students, CCH (our partner in the Shots for Shots fundraiser) is having a backpack drive.  Here is the link if you wish to help out.

If you would like to learn more about these wonderful children in Jacmel, please click on the link below and view the Youtube video put together by our own Malia Kishore.

Great Falls Hoops - Shots for Shots Makes a Difference!

Last season GFHoops players and families came through in a big way for their peers in Haiti!  The GFHoops Shots for Shots campaign raised $3500.  With that donation the Community Coalition for Haiti was able to meet their vaccination goal for the Haitian students and use funds to spearhead wellness efforts such a periodic wellness checks for the students and promoting and instituting a dental hygiene campaign. 

Over 300 children were able to receive fluoride treatments! In a country where the average family has to live on $2 a day,  our GFHoops family was able to make a huge, helpful, healthful impact! 

Thank you and lets start warming up those shots for this year!

Great Falls Select All League Honors

As many of you know, Great Falls Select Basketball competes in the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL).  With Fairfax County being one of the most populous counties in the country (2011 census has it at #36 in all of USA), this league brings an incredible level of competition for our more skilled basketball players in Great Falls.  It is well run and provides our boys and girls the chance to play against some very strong talent.
GFSB has 11 teams competing this year with over 110 kids.  At this time of year, the league follows a process to nominate and vote for ALL LEAGUE players, Most Valuable Players (MVPs), and MVCs (Most Valuable Coach). 
Last evening, the league announced the results for the 2014-15 season and we are proud to announce that GFSB was very well represented!

  • We had 12 players voted all league – over 10% of the entire GFSB population! A nice accomplishment.
  • We had 2 players voted MVP for their grade/division – Isabella Perkins and Duncan Brown!!  This is a spectacular accomplishment and congratulations to both players!!
  • We had 1 coach voted MVC for their grade/division – Ben Urbanski!!!  As voted by his coaching peers; Ben grew up in Great Falls Basketball and this is an honor for sure.  Well done Ben!

The below players will be recognized with awards during the March 8th League Finals.  We will send out information to all Great Falls House and Select families on the locations and times of these events, if you are able to get out and support our players. 


  • 5th Grade Girls, Division 1 – Alayna Arnolie, Olivia Walke, Gracie Arnolie
  • 5th Grade Boys, Division 1 – Garrett Brennan
  • 6th Grade Girls, Division 1 – MVP Isabella Perkins, Oma Mere
  • 6th Grade Boys, Division 3 – Nicholas Faili
  • 7th Grade Boys Division 1 – Same Maruca, Kunal Sharma
  • 7th Grade Boys, Division 3 – Brian Feinstein
  • 8th Grade Boys, Division 3 – MVP Duncan Brown, Jack Hostetter, MVC Ben Urbanski

We would also like to take this time to thank ALL of the GFSB players, coaches, and volunteers for their commitment of time and effort.  Every team has represented Great Falls with competitiveness and sportsmanship.  From a brief look at the standings, 7 of our 11 teams still have a shot to continue into the post-season and perhaps lift that championship trophy on March 8th.  We will send out further details on locations and times of the post season tournaments via email or the Great Falls Hoops website.

Please join us in congratulating our ALL LEAGUE players!

Laura Bean, Dick Warrick, John Brennan
GFSB Directors

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