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4th Grade Developmental Program

The Great Falls Select Basketball program begins in the 5th grade and until the 5th grade, players participate in our House League. GF Hoops also has a developmental program for 4th grade players who want a higher level of training and competition, and the program has been very successful.

Who is eligible? 3rd and 4th grade players who would be willing to make a higher level of commitment than House League requires and who are looking to improve their skills at an even higher level. Players who wish to try out for this team must understand that if they make this team, they will still be required to play House league with their peers (ie 3rd graders will not be moved to 4th grade House league.)

What is the program's objective? The primary objective of the program is to act as a 'bridge' between House League and Select basketball. Players in the 5th grade Select program will be competing against players and teams from across the County who have been playing at a high level of competition since 3rd grade, so our local players typically have some catching up to do.

How does the program work? Players in the Developmental program sign up for and participate in Great Falls Basketball House League as their primary basketball commitment for the regular Winter season. However, as members of the Developmental Program, they would participate in one additional practice per week, and would have the opportunity to participate in games and tournaments in the VA/DC/MD area. In the case of schedule conflicts between House League and the Developmental Program tournaments, players will be required to attend the House League event. However, over the course of the season, every player will have had the opportunity to build their skills and test them against stronger players and teams.

Is there a tryout? Yes. The tryout for the 4th Grade Developmental Program will be held after the Regular Season teams have been selected. Typically this tryout will occur between November 10-25th, generally there are two tryouts evenings and dates will be announced in early October.

Who do I contact for more information? Either of the Select Co-Directors can answer questions: Margaret Brown and Philip Nickles

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