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Edit DeleteGF Hoops ByLaws 
Edit DeleteMaster CalendarMaster Calendar of events for 2011-12 Season
Edit DeleteCoaches Meeting PresentationPresentation given to coaches 11/9/16
Edit DeleteTryout Procedures2010 Tryout Procedures
Edit DeleteArticles of IncorporationGreat Falls Basketball articles of incorporation
Edit DeleteCamp Brochure 
Edit DeleteSpring Break Camp Brochure 
Edit DeleteModells Coupon 
Edit DeleteCode of ConductGF Hoops Code of Conduct for Coaches, Players and Parents
Edit DeleteDraft Procedures2011 / 12 Draft Procedures
Edit DeleteLangley Spring Break CampLangley HS is hosting a basketball camp for boys during spring break.
Edit Delete2017 Boys 4 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 5 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 6 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 7 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 8 Bracket 
Edit Delete2016 Boys 9-12 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 9-10 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Boys 11-12 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Girls 4 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Girls 5 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Girls 6-7 Bracket 
Edit Delete2016 Girls 7 Bracket 
Edit Delete2017 Girls 8-12 Bracket 
Edit Delete2015 Girls 9-12 Bracket 
Edit DeleteSelect FAQs 
Edit DeleteGetting Ready for Select Tryouts 
Edit Delete2013 Select Tryouts 
Edit DeleteParents Guide to Select Tryouts 
Edit DeleteCoach Website Instructions 
Edit DeleteLangley FundraiserClinic run by Christian Laettner to benefit Girls Basketball at Langley
Edit DeleteDicks GF Hoops League Day 
Edit DeleteReferee Hand Signals 
Edit DeleteRef Pay 
Edit DeleteArbiter Information 
Edit DeleteScholarship Nomination Form 
Edit DeleteScholarship Policy 
Edit DeleteB3 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteB4 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteB5 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteB6 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteB7-12 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG2-3 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG4 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG5 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG7-12 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteConcussion Awareness - Coaches 
Edit DeleteConcussion Awareness - Parents 
Edit DeleteConcussion Action Plan 
Edit DeletePoyner Scholarship Application 
Edit DeleteDicks GFHoops Day 2016 
Edit DeleteG3 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG6-7 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteG8-12 Cheat Sheet 
Edit DeleteMVP Scholarship Application 2018Matthew V. Poyner Scholarship Application
Edit DeleteGF Hoops Day 2018 Coupon 
Edit DeleteTeam Connect for Coaches 
Edit Delete2019 B3 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B4 Playoff Bracket 
Edit DeleteVoid 
Edit Delete2019 B5 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B5 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B6 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B7 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B8 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B8 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 B9/10 Playoff Backet 
Edit Delete2019 B11/12 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 G3 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 G4 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 G5/6 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 G7 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 G8-12 Playoff Bracket 
Edit Delete2019 Matthew V Poyner Scholarship Application 
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