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Select FAQs

General Questions 

1.  What is the difference between House and Select?

The House League basketball program is a purely recreational league.  The Select League is run by the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL) and is designed for the player who is prepared to play at a higher, more competitive level.  The time commitment for House League is approximately 2 hours per week while the Select League commitment is approximately 6-8 hours per week.

2.  What is the cost to register?

The cost to participate in the Great Falls Basketball League is a flat fee of $195 ($225 after 9/26).  Select players are asked to pay an additional cost to participate in the Winter Select Program.  This additional cost varies per team based upon the training, tournaments, and other activities the coach may schedule.  A price range to participate on a particular select team will be disclosed at the start of tryouts.

3.  What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy

4.  When are tryouts?  Practices?  Games?

  • Tryouts:  Select League tryouts occur in late September/early October each year and House League tryouts occur in early-mid November each year.
  • Practices: House League and Select League practices are held on weeknights at one of our local gyms (ex. Great Falls ES, Forestville ES, Aldrin ES, Colvin Run ES, etc.)  Select League team practices are 90 minutes in length and are held twice a week.  House League team practices are 60 minutes in length and are held once a week
  • Games:  Select League games are scheduled by the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League (FCYBL), an independent organization.  Select games can be on weekends and/or weeknights.  FCYBL games are played in gyms across the entire Fairfax County area and travel to games is generally 30-60 minutes.  House League games are scheduled by Great Falls Basketball and are played on Saturdays and Sundays in local area gyms 

Select Program Questions

1.  What are the priorities in the Select League? How is it different from the House League?

Our goals for the Select League are to

  • Field competitive teams
  • Make significant developmental progress in individual and team skills
  • Create a rewarding experience

Difference Between Select and House

  • Select has a larger time commitment for games and for practices
  • Select playing time is at the coach’s discretion. There is no guarantee of any minimum minutes per game and playing time can be diminished based on many factors including player commitment to practice and specific game match ups and dynamics.  House has required minimum playing time for all players.
  • Select has more competitive and intense league play than House
  • Select has additional team fees, above the initial registration fees.  The cost for House is only the initial registration fee
  • Travel to Select games is generally 30 min to1 hour.  House games are generally within a 10-15 minute drive.

2. Which zip codes are assigned to the Great Falls Basketball Select Program?

For 2023-2024, Select teams were comprised primarily of players from zip codes 22066, 22182, 20170,  and 20194 ( .  These zip codes have been allocated to Great Falls Basketball by the Fairfax County Youth Basketball League ( FCYBL).  Select teams are also permitted to roster up to 2 players from outside of these zip codes under the zip code exception rule.  All players must be residents of Fairfax County.  You can not use a zipcode exception for players who are NOT Fairfax County residents.

3. How is my child’s league age determined in the Select Program?

This is governed by FCYBL, see full details at link below

4. I would like my child to be challenged. Can my 3rd or 4th grader tryout for Select?

Great Falls Basketball uses a grade-based placement system and does not permit players to play up or play down in the house league based on age, size, or subjective factors including skill level, scoring ability, ball handling, prior experience, etc.  Players of unusual size or who possess unusually strong talent should consider trying out for the select program or the fourth grade developmental program.  Third and fourth grade players may try out for the 5th grade select teams.  Please note that for a 3rd or 4th grade player to make a 5th grade team they must demonstrate skills at a level significantly above a 5th grader player to take a 5th grade team spot.  If a third or fourth grade player does not make a 5th grade select team, they can try out for the 4th grade developmental program.  

For more information on the 4th Grade Development Program

5.  Can a player tryout for both the Select and House League programs? If my child makes a Select team, can he/she also play in the House League?

A Great Falls Select player may not play in the Great Falls House League or for any other FCYBL Select program. Great Falls Basketball has no control over the scheduling of the Select games.  Invariably, there will be scheduling conflicts with the House team, and the player would then have to “choose” a team.  It is logical to assume that the Select player would choose the Select game and his/her resulting absence would be unfair to the other House players and House team. 

6.  Do I have to register and pay a registration fee to attend Select tryouts?

Yes.  Any player trying out for Select must register with Great Falls basketball program and pay the required registration fee prior to attending any open gym or tryout.

7.  Are there any additional costs other than the registration fee for Select?

Yes.  There are additional fees that will be determined by the Select League directors and coaches for costs related to uniforms, equipment, training, league/tournament fees et. al.

8.  Does my player need to attend all the tryout sessions for his/her age group?

It is strongly encouraged that each player attends each scheduled tryout in order for the coaches/evaluators to make a proper assessment of his/her skills. If a player is going to miss any of the tryout sessions, please make sure that the coach is aware of the absence. 

9.  Do Select teams have commitments during the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks?

The FCYBL does not schedule games during the Fairfax County Public School Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks.  However, some Select teams will participate in holiday tournaments but these are not mandatory. 

10.  My son/daughter tried out for a Select team but was not chosen.  Is he/she automatically register for the House League?

Players not chosen for the Select team are automatically rolled over into the House League.  No additional action is required on your part.


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